IHB Ship Design в числа – 15 години опит, 80 инженери, 400+ завършени проекта


Concept Design
In this dynamic phase, we support our clients with translating their thoughts and ideas into realistic Concept Designs.

Together with the practical user experiences from our clients and the expertise of our naval architects and engineers we come to a high sustainable concept design. Our concepts are prepared by out-of-the-box thinking coupled with practical operational experience for the vessel type, thus ensuring that the need and comfort of those who finally operate the vessel are taken into account. This allows the ship-owner to make the most well-informed decision on the investment.

Basic Design
Basic engineering includes the fixation of the initial design. In this phase, our engineers will already develop a 3D model from where class information can be extracted allowing us to have a head start with the detailed design phase. There also is an opportunity to optimize the hull by using CFD calculations. Together with additional calculations, system diagrams, and safety plans a solid base is provided for successful building. Оur continued working relationships with many Classification Societies also ensures we fully briefed and knowledgeable of current Class and regulatory requirements.