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Industrial Design

Our advanced know-how, the result of the many years of experience that we have, allows us to expand our services and to diversify the sectors where we operate. We are ready to face the design challenges that the Industrial sector will provide to us.

Industrial systems design

 System layouts (P&IDs)

  • Processing, Fire and Gas detection, etc
  • Fire and Gas detection
  • Transfer
  • Heat exchanging

Pipeline Calculations

  • Fluid dynamics
  • Thermal stress evaluation
  • Pressure drop calculations
  • Support settlement

Control & Instrumentation

  • Power & energy generation
  • Petrochemicals and chemical manufacturing
  • Food processing and bottling
  • Oil and gas industry

Hazardous Areas

  • Classification
  • Training
  • Explosion-protection techniques
  • Safe systems verification


Industrial detail (on-site) design

3D engineering models

  • CAD models for piping and supporting
  • Equipment modeling
  • Infrastructure design
  • Landscape visualization

Pre-fabrication design package

  • Platforms and structures
  • Spools isometrics
  • Supports and foundations
  • Cable trays, ducting, loose tanks

Specifications and Material take-offs (MTOs)

  • for Equipment selection
  • for Tendering purposes
  • for Procurement and Purchase
  • valve and equipment lists

Installation documentation 

  • System arrangements
  • Layouts for zones and areas
  • Steel constructions build drawings
  • Electrical diagrams

Green Leap Forward

Scrubber gas cleaning

  • Pre-concept for cleaning system
  • Scrubber system implementation
  • Thermal and flow calculations
  • Instrumentation and automation

Renewable energy sources

  • Solar energy
  • Wind and ocean energy
  • Hydropower and geothermal energy
  • Biomass energy
  • Eco 3 (Nitrogen propulsion)


  • Industrial processes and surrounding data collecting
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Production asset management and maintenance
  • Field service

Refit of industrial plants

3D Scanning and processing

  • Laser scanning on-site
  • 3D photogrammetry on-site and from aiR Cloud point digitizing
  • Partial or complete systems, zones, or constructions refit

System retrofit

  • Diagrams and Layouts
  • Pipeline Calculation
  • Ventilation
  • Control and Instrumentation

Detail design

  • 3D engineering models
  • Fabrication design package
  • Specifications and part lists
  • Before-and-after installation manuals


Ship Design

Ship Design

Interior Design and 3D Visualization

Interior Design and 3D Visualization

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Custom Services

Custom Services