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EEXI – Regulatory and Compliance

In 2020 IMO introduced the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) which is a technical framework concerning all existing ships above 400 GT. All ships must develop an approved energy efficiency improvement and decarbonization plan based on the requirements for each type of vessel. EEXI is a technical or ‘design’ efficiency index that requires a vessel to achieve a required level of technical efficiency (required EEXI) under specified reference conditions. Compliance is determined by the vessel’s design and arrangements. This means an attained EEXI can only be changed through alterations to the vessel’s design or machinery and NOT day-to-day operational activities such as speed reduction or reduced cargo.

We can support you in developing a Feasibility Study. The result is an indication and is based on the Guidelines that are still under development. The outcome will provide you with a preliminary calculation and advice. We can however also offer further assistance with the final Techical File and submitting it to class or the regulatory body at a later stage.

The Feasibility Study includes:

  • Calculation of the attained EEXI of a given ship, based on the Draft Guidelines
  • Comparing the result with the Required EEXI
  • Estimation of the required EPL (Engine Power Limitation) to meet the Required EEXI (since it is the most effective, cheapest, and least invasive way to improve EEXI)
  • We can issue a Preliminary Technical File taking into account the EPL.

If the EPL is not enough to meet the Required EEXI, we can further discuss alternative options like EET to improve the EEXI for non-compliant vessels

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Onsite Assistance

Our engineers can provide full support and work with your experts onsite. Our professional knowledge and experience can be easily implemented during any kind of onsite activities and installation.

This type of service facilitates better communication and guarantees smooth project completion. During the shipbuilding or installation process, there is a high potential to influence the ship quality and lifecycle cost. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that all of the activities are performed according to specifications and rules.

Our site team experts can be from any of our departments: Hull and Steel Outfitting, Piping and Machinery, Electrical engineering and Automation or Reverse Engineering.

Project management

Thanks to our comprehensive approach we can manage entire projects and relations between Shipyards, Shipowners, Class societies, Equipment providers, and others. Either we are involved in the first stages, in the final stage or we can manage the project from start to finish. We are responsible for planning, overseeing, and leading the project through to completion.

We apply all of our methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve the objectives and meet the criteria set by our partners.

IHB ShipDesign covers all of the communications that occur during the completion of the project whilst we ensure everything is done in time, on budget, and within scope.

3D Laser Scanning

Accurate measurements have always been a crucial element in the design process, from initial design studies to final construction documents. This is especially true for as-built conditions that require a thorough ship survey before design work commences. 3D laser scanning is a new technology, designated to assist in solving complex problems inherent in the shipbuilding, marine engineering, and naval architecture fields. Modern ship design results in complex

geometric shapes of the hull and very dense machinery spaces. Actual conditions on board a vessel with a long career or even a brand new ship, many times is difficult to be perceived easily.

During ship repair, conversion, or retrofit, acquiring “as-build” or “as-is” documentation is vital for project success. 3D laser scanning offers a fast, reliable, cheap, and easy method of digitizing existing routing and structure on-board with accuracy, impossible for conventional ways of survey and measurement in various challenging situations. This type of survey can be used in a variety of sectors and has multiple implementations.



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